Prestisjefylt pris til IDeaS

IDeaS Revenue Solutions var en av de som fikk tildelt gullpris under HSMAI Europe sin prisutdeling tidligere i februar i London. Dette var i kategorien Best in Class Technology – Revenue Management. Se den korte videoen vi har publisert i dette øyeblikk fra prisutdelingen.

Juryens begrunnelse:

The winner of our Best in Class Technology – Revenue management demonstrated to the judges a clear commitment to evaluating client needs and providing an innovative solution that replaced outdated methodologies and enabled the client to meet very high growth targets and maintain their competitive positioning. The team at IDeaS demonstrated a clear return for the client showing year on year growth in RevPAR and RGI, and just as importantly, engaged the revenue management team, thereby increasing morale, and creating a sustainable revenue management culture. HSMAI Europe is very pleased to announce that the award for Best in Class Revenue Management Technology 2013 goes to – IDeaS Revenue Solutions.