Study Tour to Florida and New York

In mid-February a small group from HSMAI Region Europe together with some of the HSMAI Region Europe mentors and advisors will go on a study tour to Florida and New York.

HSMAI Region Europe is planning to combine mentor meetings with meetings and visits regarding the service initiative Service Pledge. The group will meet with the hotel icon Michael Leven who is acting as a mentor for the HSMAI Region Europe mentors. Hear Michael’s thoughts on mentoring here.

Part of the tour both in Florida as well as in New York will also be visiting some exceptional customer service companies that the HSMAI US team will recommend.

The study tour will start on 16th February with two days of mentor and Service Pledge meetings in Florida, and on the following week some of the group will continue to New York where HSMAI US is holding their annual HSMAI Adrian Awards on the evening of Tuesday 21st February as well as the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference on Wednesday 22nd February.

If you are interested to join us please contact us at for more information.