HSMAI Region Europe Leadership Day in Frankfurt

This year’s HSMAI Leadership Day is set to take place at the Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch in Frankfurt on Wednesday 6 September.

The day will start with lunch at 12 pm, and will last for the remainder of the day and evening, ending with a dinner.

We will start the day with an update on our many activities, and will also focus on our own company culture. The day will consist of many Advisory Board meetings and other meetings in the afternoon, and then, in the evening, we will share the outcome with each other, followed by a dinner.

The Leadership Day is an internal event, just for our Advisory Board members from the industry, staff and the sponsors for the event.

We will be around 40 people. The following day HSMAI will have a full-day conference together with the Travel Industry Club, where we also will share the outcome from our leadership day.

Join us and many great speakers on 7 September! See the programme for 7 September here:


The goal is to have a sum total of 100 people at the conference.

We have arranged a special rate at the hotel. Please see here:


Programme HSMAI Region Europe Leadership Day Wednesday 6 September


12:00 Lunch

13:00 Welcome and Update on HSMAI by Ingunn and introduction of the Moderator of the day, Larry Hochman
Larry is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world (540 speeches in 72 countries) and a former European Business Speaker of the Year.
He is one of the world’s most influential advisors on building organisations that deliver an exceptional customer experience.
Before beginning his speaking career Larry was a Director at the loyalty management company Air Miles. His roles included Director of Customer Service and separately Director of People and Culture- Larry being the very first person in Europe to ever have this role and title, which became a benchmark for re-inventing HR departments all over the world.
He was also a pioneer of corporate mentoring in Europe and has been the personal mentor to many top executives.
Originally from America, Larry has lived in Europe for the past 26 years and currently resides in both London and Venice.
His best-selling book, The Relationship Revolution, focused on customer loyalty in the digital age, was published in 2010.

13:30 Meet our sponsors for this event
5 minutes each.

13:55 Update on Winning for Customer – The Service Pledge
By Mia Touzin Leffler
The Service Pledge: Please see video under the programme

14:10 Update on the Digital Expert
By Margitte Verkruijsse-Reiner
HSMAI Digital Expert: Please see video under the programme

14:25 Coffee break

14:45 Separate meetings for the different Advisory Boards
The Advisory Board meetings are opportunities for top executives to engage in a highly interactive roundtable format unique to HSMAI Region Europe, facilitating a deeper understanding of the factors driving change, and enabling them to find answers specific to their own business. We will work on the agenda with the chairs of the different advisory boards:

Revenue Management Advisory Board

Distribution Advisory Board

Sales Executive Advisory Board

Digital Marketing Advisory Board

Customer Loyalty & Relationship Management Advisory Board

Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge – Workgroup

New website in the pipeline – Workgroup

16:45 Coffee break

17:15 Summary from the different meetings and discussions

19:15 Election for Advisory Boards members, board members and Chairs

20:00 Dinner

The Service Pledge

HSMAI Digital Expert