Ukens navn: Andrew Josephs

Based in London, Andrew is the Director of ADJ Business Solutions and acts as our Finance Director. His company has been established for over 10 years. He specialises within the creative and hospitality industries and worked with many companies including art galleries, cruise liners and hotels. He has been with HSMAI Region Europe since 2016 and continues to support us.

Q: The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for everyone. What helped you cope with the uncertainty and stress?

A: Living in London, the pandemic affected everyone with long periods of lock down. Together with my partner, we take time every day to walk our dog in the fresh air. Managing the split between work and personal life when everything is happening at home is also very important. When the workday finishes, it’s important to step back and take time for yourself.

Q: Are there any new skills you have developed or that you want to develop in the future?

A: With more remote work and meetings, my use of IT and technology has improved, spending time trying out new software to make work more automatic and flow smoother. In a personal capacity I am ensuring I spend time talking to colleague and friends and staying in touch more.

Q: What skills do you think will become more relevant in the years to come?

A: The last couple of years have shown how effective we can all be, whether working remotely or in person. I believe that this will be a long-term change in attitudes and flexibility will become an important asset.

Q: The pandemic forced us to reconsider leadership. What are your thoughts and how have you adapted?

A: It has been important to stay in touch with staff and clients as well as with family and friends. Using technology has aided in this and ensured that we continue to talk and to listen. This way no one should feel left out.

Q: The entire industry faces the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Do you have any thoughts on this that you would like to share with us?

A: As with every industry, we must continue to evolve and advance. We need to ensure that that current and next generation of talent are supported, encouraged, and remunerated accordingly. The industry relies on organisations like HSMAI to train and promote employees to be the best versions of themselves.

Q: How would someone who knows you describe you?

A: I hope positively! As a conscientious advisor, a listener, and a problem solver.

Q: Where does the next trip go, privately or at work?

A: Currently I am spending the week working in Oslo so I hope the next trip will be for pleasure. With travel so easy and smooth again, this trip has motivated me to start looking at booking another one as soon as possible and look towards 2022 holidays!

Q: Describe a perfect weekend for you.

A: Long walks with my partner and dog, good coffee and food, time relaxing with those closest to me.

Q: Is there a book or podcast that recently inspired you and that you would recommend?

A: I enjoy reading fiction to be able to switch off from work. For work I am constantly reading about latest news and views and so I am currently reading ‘The Wheel of time’ saga by Robert Jordan.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share with us?

HSMAI America has almost 100 years of history. Historically Europe consisted of some local chapters and then HSMAI Region Europe was launched in 2016, becoming the Pan-European entity. I have been a part of this since it was created with our office in London and it’s been a wonderful experience thus far. l look forward to meeting lots of new people, attending more in person events and helping the organisation to grow and support the industry through the pandemic and beyond.