"Managing Business Results" og "Managing Revenue"


HSMAI, i samarbeid med Peter Starks, har utviket to meget gode medlemstilbud, som har fått topp evaluering av dem som har deltatt i USA. Han har mye erfaring fra Europa også.

HSMAI Europe vil inngå et omfattende samarbeid med Peter og vi planlegger for Norge blant annet våren 2010.  Ta en titt beskrivelse av kursene og se om dette er noe som kan være aktuelt for dere. Både bedriftsinterne kurs og åpne vil bli arrangert.

Har du spørsmål om denne satsningen, kontakt Ingunn Hofseth
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Vi har mottatt følgende fra Peter Starks, som av tidshensyn dessverre ikke er oversatt. Under finner du også en utførlig Peter Starks-bio.

«Managing Business Results»

This certificate course offers professionals an opportunity to manage a hotel from the GM’s chair and to fully grasp the total hotel picture. It provides skills and outlooks that will dramatically increase your effectiveness in your current position while at the same time preparing you for broader responsibilities.  

This seminar is designed around the renowned hotel management simulation called HOTS (Hotel Operation Tactics and Strategy).  This simulation course has been offered as a core management course to major hotel chains and as upper level courses at noted hotel schools such as Cornell, UNLV, UMass, and Penn State.  HSMAI University is the only professional association to present the course to the public.

Widely recognized as the worldwide standard for management development in the hospitality and leisure time industries, the course is designed around dynamic, state-of-the-art, hands-on techniques.  Course lessons are immediately applied to a computer-based virtual hotel, in real time, and in a head-to-head competitive environment.  Participants will take over the management of a failing property and devise and implement a business plan that returns the hotel to full market contention.

Participants will strengthen management skills in:

  • Targeting and implementing priorities that drive business results;
  • Using financial statements for critical decision making;
  • Driving revenue by aligning the hotel to the market positioning statement;
  • Implementing strong revenue management fundamentals;
  • Creating timely and cost-effective sales programs;
  • Analyzing the market and financial feasibility of revenue-producing investments;
  • Using a «total hotel-cross functional» lens to more effectively implement business decisions.

Click Here to view an online video about Managing Business Results.

Who Should Attend:

The program is ideally suited for General Managers, Department Heads, Hotel Directors of Sales & Marketing, Directors of Revenue and Revenue Management, Hotel Real Estate Managers, and Owners Representatives.


«Managing Revenue»

This certificate course offers professionals an opportunity to sharpen three main skills: selling rooms smarter, driving short- and long-term profitability, and maximizing ROI by combining innovative market analysis, best practices, and financial savvy.  It cuts through the tangle of Revenue Management with step-by-step methods for turning data into good decisions. And it provides the opportunity to apply these skills in a real-to-life computer-based simulation.  
Built for professionals who watch, or help drive, hotel revenue, this workshop provides a roadmap to solid, sensible, and successful revenue management decisions.

The program focuses on:

  • Hotel Distribution, Pricing, and Channel Management taking us to the big industry picture and the structural components of hotel distribution.
  • RM in Your World is an «open mike» session addressing on-the-ground topics of and leveraging all of the experience in the room, facilitated by Linda Bietz, Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro and Guilford Technical Community College and Dr. Mike Hampton, Dean, School of Hospitality, Lynn University.  Tactical issues with local twists and the complicated lexicon of RM lingo also will be covered.
  • The Business of Revenue: Peter Starks will lead the interactive lesson on the profit and financial realities of what is at stake in RM and how to turn RM data into good decisions and recommendations. This component broadens thinking from just Revenue Management to full-blown profit management and its impact on the return on investment.
  • REV simulation:  Learn by doing. Discover by doing. Pull the class lessons together and apply them in a real-to-life advanced revenue management simulation.

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on workshop in which you and your team will manage the revenue decisions of a real-to-life computer simulated hotel.  Your team will research, decide, implement, and critique targeted revenue management strategies and tactics. 

By competing with other teams, and comparing your results to theirs, the workshop leverages and shares the professional experience of all of the workshop participants.

The centerpiece of the workshop is REV®, the new standard in simulation training for hotel operations and hotel investment professionals.

Click Here to view an online video about Managing Revenue.

Who Should Attend:

This is a unique Internet based training simulation for revenue managers, hotel managing committee members, and executives.

Peter Starks

Mr. Starks has twenty five years of successful experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, improving  the effectiveness and efficiency of both  private and public sector organizations.  His academic work, along with his own management success in the private sector, combine to bring a studied, yet pragmatic and multi-dimensional approach, to his consulting and training initiatives. 

Mr. Starks is the President  and CEO of The Cruise Institute., providing Performance Management Consulting, Training, Retention,  and in-house academy  services to the cruise industry. In conjunction with Chemeketa College, the Institute provides professional certification and industry specific degree programs.

He is concurrently Founder and Managing Director of  the REDGlobal Group, celebrating its 12th year in providing traditional and computer based training solutions in the international hotel industry. The companies range  includes  the pre-eminent HOTS  Management Simulation  which has become the international gold standard for  management training for trans-national firms such as Marriott International, Hilton, and Inter Continental Hotels, associations such as HSMAI, and  noted hospitality schools such as Cornell and Lausanne. The company has recently released it’s first internet based simulation, called REV™, for state of the art revenue management and hotel distribution training.

His professional experience is entirely in the hospitality and tourism field. He has successfully served as general manager of restaurants, private clubs, and international five star hotels. He is a past SVP of JHM Hotels and past Regional VP  of Marriott Hotels for Europe, The Middle East and Africa.  He served as Director of Tourism Projects for the United Nations, Geneva managing a portfolio of over $300 million in development aid projects. He currently travels and works in approximately 18 countries a year.

Mr. Starks hold’s a bachelors degree in Business from the Cornell University  School of Hotel Administration; a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources Development and a Masters of Business Administration, both from Webster University, Geneva Switzerland. In these degrees his major focus of study has been achieving outstanding business performance through pragmatic human resource  business  strategies.  Mr. Starks has served as an adjunct faculty member for twelve universities including The Cornell School of Hotel Administration and The Lausanne Hotel  School, Switzerland.

Mr. Starks is a Certified Hotel Educator; a member of the American Society of Training and Development; and an elected Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Hospitality of the United Kingdom. He serves as the President of the North Carolina Chapter of the Cornell Society of Hotelmen.

Mr. Starks, along with his colleagues, conducts some 25 events each year in some 18 countries.

Along with his wife and son, he resides in North Carolina, and the United Kingdom.