Revenue Management

Revenue management course


In an increasingly globalised and cross-linked world, employees in the hospitality and travel industry are faced with rapid changes in job related requirements.

While new job profiles emerge, conventional education is often struggling to keep pace. The European governing body HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) is determined to tackle the problem in the field of Revenue Management by offering European certified training courses.

Programme description

The course comprises 15 one-day modules, in which participants will be introduced to the different aspects of Revenue Management. The transfer of learning to the real work environment is a crucial element of the course.

The training course is divided into three “blocks” each comprising five individual modules. Part I focuses on Revenue Management, Part II on Distribution and Digital Marketing. Part III covers modules which can be individually selected by participants.

RM – Revenue Management DM – Digital Marketing EL – Electives
RM01 Basic Concepts of Revenue Management DM01 Distribution – Business Models and Systems EL 5 modules by choice, e.g.
RM02 Strategic Revenue Management DM02 Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC, etc) EL1 Basic Training SynXis CRS
RM03 Practical Revenue Management DM03 Social Media and
Community Management
EL2 Basic Training Trust CRS
RM04 Total Revenue Management DM04 IT- architecture and distribution strategy EL3 Communication and Presentation Skills
RM05 Live application and case studies DM05 Live application and case studies EL4 Optimizing of Website and Booking Engine
Final Examination „Certified Revenue Managemer HSMAI“

Each module is equivalent to 45 min “classroom learning” and assessed online. If participants pass all 15 modules within 36 months, they are qualified to register for a final examination. In addition learning is embedded in the practical realities of the work life environment: a case study methodology will be used.

Participants who successfully pass all tests will be awarded with the Certified Revenue Manager, HSMAI certificate. Participants should estimate between 12 and 18 months to complete this training.

Certified Trainers in Europe

  • Ally Dombey, UK
  • Stan Josephi, NL
  • Annemarie Gubanski, Swe, Nor
  • Anthony Shaw, Ger
  • Wilhelm K. Weber, Swi