Ireland, UK: Revenue Management Workshops En Route


HSMAI Europe will be co-hosting seminars on Revenue Management with HSMAI Ireland in Dublin and Belfast, as well as with BAHA in London between 29 November and 2 December, in what is dubbed an extraordinary opportunity now rolling out across Europe, the «introduction to the CRME (Certified Revenue Management Executive) programme, granting you the right to add CRME to your name and title, which carries with it the recognition and authority, as well as job opportunities, entailed».

The programme is based on HSMAI Amaricas’ recently upgraded certification in Revenue Management, where «individuals working in revenue management in the travel and hospitality industry, upon meeting the minimum qualifications for participants, can take a 60-minute online examination offering a chance to confirm their knowledge, experience, and capabilities».

The workshops will take place in Dublin (29 November), Belfast (30 November) and London (2 December) 2010.

Mr Jeffrey Osborne CRME, CEO of Intelligent Hotels
Mr Jeffrey Osborne CRME, CEO of Intelligent Hotels

Accomplished international resource

«We are extremely pleased to introduce our Irish and British colleagues to the workshops, led by Jeffrey Osborne CRME, who is an accomplished international resource and trainer with broad experience throughout European and North American markets,» says Ms Ingunn Hofseth, president and CEO of HSMAI Europe in a statement.

Jeffrey Osborne CRME, CEO of Intelligent Hotels, has been recognised worldwide for his cutting edge, results-driven approach to the design and implementation of systems that enable hotels to maximise profits through savvy revenue management. Using the expertise developed during a 25-year hospitality career, involving corporate, operational and revenue management positions, Osborne has successfully put his results-driven strategies to work for independent and branded hotels and resorts throughout Europe and the North American markets.

Two tailored seminars

There will be two separate seminars in all three venues. The first session, from 9 am to midday, is designed to help current revenue managers prepare for the examination required to become certified in Revenue Management under the current guidelines of HSMAI.

Session 2, from 1 pm to 4 pm, is directed towards experienced revenue managers and their leaders, to help them better understand what the process is all about, and what it implies for their business units.

Potential participants are welcome to join one seminar or the other – or both, taking place in these hotels:

Bewley’s Hotel, Ballsbridge in Dublin:

Bewley's Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin

The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast:

The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast

Hilton London Kensington in London:

Hilton London Kensington, London

Ambitious expansion plans

Ingunn Hofseth, president and CEO of HSMAI Europe
Ingunn Hofseth, president and CEO of HSMAI Europe.

«We all share the expectation that the seminars may signify the onset of a productive HSMAI era in Ireland and the UK, but I would like to emphasise that it would have been hard to pull this off without the fabulous people in BAHA and HSMAI Chapter Ireland’s board of directors,» Ms Hofseth continues, adding:

«But let’s not forget the busy schedules in The Netherlands and Norway,» with reference to this agenda, including the HSMAI Europe conference in Lisbon 15 December, the HSMAI European Revenue Management conference in London 7 February 2011 and the HSMAI Europe Marketing conference in London 5 May, followed by the HSMAI European Travel Awards on the same evening – among numerous other events.

«There can be no doubt that we have an extremely interesting year ahead of us,» she says.

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