Listen to our webinar with Mike Leven

Last week HSMAI and Cendyn hosted a live webinar with Mike Leven. We received great feedback and will carry out many webinars moving forward. In the aftermatch we experienced a technical glitch that prevented the recording from capturing video from the webinar, but we do have solid audio to share. You can listen to it here:

Here’s some more information on Mike Leven:

Mike Leven is one of the most prominent US hotel icons, but it is his warmth, wisdom, humility and commitment to leadership and customer service which is quite unique. The way he works to improve and empower those around him really makes him stand out. Mike Leven has been working internationally throughout his entire career. He is a person who is up-to-date in most areas, including philosophy, psychology and politics, and has experienced a lot of challenges. He has always been motivated by achievements, by developing others. He says that in order to be a mentor you first have to be yourself and know yourself. As a mentor you have to be a simplifier, and be able to develop the confidence of a mentee to share their values. ‘Everybody’ wants a piece of Mike Leven, and he loves to share his competence. Now he is helping HSMAI as a coach for potential mentors.

The Mike Leven Mentor Program

For many it is good to have a mentor outside their company, in addition to internal coaches and mentors. We believe in a culture for continued learning. The program is aimed at all ages and levels in the Hospitality Industry.

Are you looking for a mentor – or would you perhaps be interested in being one yourself? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Regardless of whether you work on a national, European or global basis and have a lengthy experience in management, the demand for increased competence is on the rise. The industry is changing rapidly, the market is challenging, which is why it is more important now than ever to keep abreast of developments, and continuously improve our skills and learn from others.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor or a Mentee?

Press here to apply for The Mike Leven Mentor Program

NEW! Excelling in Customer Centricity

‘HSMAI Region Europe has commissioned the development of a certification with the aim for participants to become enablers of a culture of customer centric excellence.  One of HSMAI Region Europe’s promises to its members is that we pledge to drive personal and professional growth,’ says HSMAI Region Europe’s CEO and President Ingunn Hofseth.

HSMAI already has several global certification programs for its members, including Revenue Management Certification and Digital Marketing Certification. This new program, Excelling in Customer Centricity (The ECC program) is based on Mike Leven’s philosophy on leadership and customer service.

‘We have developed a new cutting edge certification program, starting with a two or three-day workshop for senior managers who want to excel in the development of customer centric cultures in organizations,’ says Mia Touzin, a senior academic whose background includes corporate management positions in the hospitality industry. She is HSMAI’s Education Adviser and also this program’s developer.

The Excelling in Customer Centricity Certification is the newest and is endorsed by HSMAI Region Europe’s People & Culture Advisory board, chaired by Gil Mulders, Head of Learning Europe at IHG – InterContinental Hotels Group.

‘Peer reviews and ratings on social media influence customer choice, your reputation and brand. To be competitive and deliver promises in a world where everyone can express their opinions online immediately, you must foster a healthy, resilient customer centric culture in your organization,’ Ingunn Hofseth says.

‘Your company culture, how you manage your stakeholders and deliver on promises make the difference to the bottom line, and has never been more important than now,’ adds Mia Touzin.

The new certification enables participants to coach teams in delivering promises that have a positive impact on the perception of the brand in social media. The seven areas covered are closely intertwined:

Define: Develop and define your service culture

Care: Manage your stakeholders

Be proactive online: Let social media work for you by creating ‘instagramable guest experiences’

Build cultural muscle: Use culture as a means of turning barriers into empowerment

Engage stakeholders through thoughtful and strategic communication

Recover from complaints and turn them into advocacy

Measure: Make sure you are measuring what matters

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